10 Travel Accessories Under $10 We Can't Live Without

2022-07-31 13:30:30 By : Mr. Jack CUI

W hen it comes to travel accessories, some of the best ones are quite expensive. In most cases, it makes sense — there’s quite a lot of tech jammed into my noise-canceling earbuds, and it can be hard to find one pair of shorts that can tackle every summer travel activity.

But sometimes, you luck out and find that the best travel accessories and the best cheap travel accessories overlap. Some simple products can be exceedingly useful on the road or in planes, as we discovered when building the list below.

Note that because some of these travel accessories are so inexpensive, they don’t qualify for free shipping unless you buy them with other items that total at least $25. Amazon calls them “add-on items.” So buy a few, or add them to your cart and order them along with a few other things you need.

Prices are accurate at time of publication, though they can change on a whim, so we recommend buying these travel accessories ASAP if you’re interested. If you have Amazon Prime, it should be easy to return them if you end up not loving it.

We hope you love the travel accessories we recommend below! Just so you know, Matador may collect a small commission from the links on this page if you decide to buy anything. Listed prices are accurate as of the time of publication.

If you thought passports couldn’t warp, think again. They can also get cut, burned, bent, have coffee spilled on them, and get stepped on. It’s a huge pain in the butt to replace your passport so it’s a no-brainer to spend sub-$10 on a travel accessory to protect it. This highly rated option comes in multiple colors and has a separate clear pocket for your COVID-19 vaccination card, which is extremely delicate and prone to damage.

The review that convinced us to buy:

Good quality product! “I was wondering what I would get for less than $10 but was surprised at the quality. The color I got (red wine) was absolutely beautiful and matched with the color shown. We were going on a cruise, so I needed my passport and vaccination card. This was perfect as it has a see-through window for the vaccination card and a slot inside to hold the passport. I had several people ask me where I purchased it. I plan on getting more for birthday gifts.”

The review that convinced us to buy:

Better than drugstore bottles by far! “I have really expensive skincare products that I use, so when I have to store the cleaners/moisturizers in travel bottles, I don’t want to “lose” product by not being able to squeeze all of it out (which is very common with hard, drugstore-brand travel bottles). These bottles allow me to get all of the product out quickly, and they have sturdy caps as well. Skip the drugstore, and just get these instead!”

I travel a lot and it can be really hard to take photos when I’m alone. Fortunately, for under $10 you can get the Flipstik, a small panel that sticks to the back of your phone. Flip up the top, and it reveals a sticky surface. I’ve use it to stick my phone to walls, patio furniture, trees, and even the back of airplane seats so I can watch a movie on planes without straining my neck. My concern before I tested this out was that it would get dirty, and it does — but once you lightly rinse it off with water, it’s good to go again.

I’ve been using it for a few months and it hasn’t lost any of it’s stickiness. It also comes in multiple colors and patterns and doubles as stand in the horizontal position. It’s one of the best cheap travel accessories for people who like to take photos when they’re solo.

The review that convinced us to buy:

Deeply in love with my Flip Stick! “This must be the best invention since sliced bread, seriously!!! For mere 10 dollars you have a selfie stick (without the hand), a tripod and a phone holder all in one without having to carry any of it!!! It just sits on the back of your phone without taking literally any extra space (it’s basically flat). Now you don’t have to ask strangers to take a picture of you and your friends outside either! You just stick your phone to any flat surface and boom! And when I say you stick it, it REALLY sticks – the grip is super strong! One of the best investments ever made by me!”

I’ve seen a heck of a lot of tech cases on the market and most are huge panels with enough loops, pockets, and clips to carry enough tech for a dozen people. In my carry-on bag, I usually have my computer cord and my phone charger, and maybe some headphones. Using one of those big cases is overkill and takes up too much space, but not using one at all results in knots as my computer cord gets tangled around everything else in the bag.

That’s why I dig this small case, perfectly sized for a charging cube and a few cords. It doesn’t take up much space but keeps the rest of my bag organized and tangle-free. It’s genuinely one of the best travel accessories I have, especially considering the amazing price. And it comes in multiple colors if black is a little too boring for you.

The review that convinced us to buy:

Really impressed with storage capacity! “I used this case this past weekend while traveling. I was able to fit four charging cables with three wall adapters of varying sizes. It zipped easily and there was no bulging or strain on the zipper. I am very pleased with my purchase, and will consider purchasing additional items as a gift for others. Also, the rose gold color is a lovely non-glittery, somewhat metallic pink. Very nice and matches many other rose gold/millennium pink items I’ve purchased previously.”

I’ve used more than a few free airplane eye masks and they’re pretty terrible. That’s why I’m happily surprised to see one of the best travel accessories out there priced under $10. This budget sleep mask has all the features of a far more expensive option, including internal indentations for your eyes (so it doesn’t push against your eyeballs), a nose panel to block out light, and an adjustable strap so it doesn’t dig into your scalp.

But in my opinion, the best feature is the included carrying case. Your eye mask is going to get dirty if you just shove it in your carry-on bag, and strapping a dirty mask to your noggin for a few hours while you sleep is a surefire way to wake up with oil and acne on your face. So a case is a must-have.

The review that convinced us to buy:

Believe the hype! “This is the holy grail of eye masks. It’s butter soft against the skin. It has an adjustable strap in the back yet it has no scratchy Velcro or hard snaps. It is thick and dark enough to block light yet not overly hot. It’s breathable and it also has an adjustable nose area that can be pinched down to seal out any remaining light. It’s so seemingly simple that I don’t understand how so many companies get it so wrong. This company did not. They got it perfect. Well done people.

Buy this. Don’t waste your time and money on anything else.”

Between the aforementioned eye mask, face masks, and the inevitable sweat of running through airports to catch my flights, I find that acne during travel is hard to avoid, even as an adult. So I’ve tried lots of acne patches, and these are the best — both in terms of effectiveness and subtlety. It’s really, really hard to see these on your face when properly applied (and impossible to see under a mask, of course). Considering how ridiculously light and tiny a sheet is, there’s no reason not to carry them while traveling. And this particular set is far cheaper than buying them at the local pharmacy.

The review that convinced us to buy:

Best patches out there! “I’ve tried numerous patches for acne and nothing works like Dots for Spots. It’s super easy to just put it on overnight, take it off in the morning, and your acne is hardly there anymore if it’s there at all! I was actually shocked at how well these perform, as was my husband. I’ll definitely be a reoccurring buyer.”

When I’m not traveling, I tend to drive a lot. While I don’t commute for work, I do spend a lot of time driving for hobbies, moving between my climbing gym, favorite mountain bike trails, trailheads, and more. Because I carry a lot of gear for various activities (and always like to have snacks on hand) my car gets a bit messy, which is why I love these car inserts. They block the space between your console and your front seats and prevent dirt and crumbs from piling up in your car. It also has an extra cup holder and plenty of space to hold your phone, which is helpful if your primary cup holders are already being used for coffee or another passenger’s phone.

It’s supposed to be universal, and it seems like it fits in most cars — but most of the negative reviews are around people with less mainstream cars who say it doesn’t fit. Fortunately, if it doesn’t fit in your car, you can just send it back. It’s one of my favorite road trip travel accessories and worth a shot if you spend a lot of time in your car.

The review that convinced us to buy:

Life changing! “Fits perfect in Sierra pick up. Does not infringe on leg space. Room for cell and drink and more!! Nothing gets in the dead zone now!!”

I’m not going to lie, phone leashes are pretty dorky and I tend to smile when I see them in use by a young person at the mall or at an airport. But they’re one of the best travel accessories for anyone who plans in participating in an activity where you could potentially drop your phone. That includes ski trips, where your phone is gone forever if you drop it off the lift in a storm, activities like via ferrata or rock climbing, or something as simple as taking photos off the side of a boat. This one fits all phones, won’t block the camera, has a finger loop for extra security, and goes on and off in about two seconds.

The review that convinced us to buy:

Saved my phone multiple times! “I drop my phone several times a day. I bought this before we did the Mighty 5 National Parks in Utah. My phone did not fall off a cliff, plunge into the Colorado River or get crushed under a National monument thanks to this thing. Just make sure the strap is out of the viewfinder when taking a picture.”

It’s crazy how much they compress clothing, and despite the fact that they feel a little flimsy and thin, I’ve yet to have one rip or break on me. I strongly recommend them for anyone trying to go carry-on only with a checked bag’s worth of clothing.

By the way: yes, this set is over $10. It was $9.99, and the price changed while we were writing this article. But considering it’s such a useful travel accessory, we decided to keep it in — so keep an eye on it to see if it drops below $10 again. If you don’t mind raising your budget to about $15, you’ll find many more options.

The review that convinced us to buy:

Easy to use and a great value! “Easy to use and a great value. I bought these and a box of name brand bags at the same time. They all got mixed together and I honestly couldn’t tell the difference. They all worked equally as well. I used them to pack for a vacation trip. They saved me so much space that I over packed, lol. I re-used them to pack for the return trip and they worked just as well. I have them stored in my suitcase for the next time we travel. I wish I had bought them a long time ago. The best tip I read someone else post was to sit on them to remove the air. Worked like a charm!

Knowing what kind of plug you need in any given country can be difficult, especially since sometimes hotels may opt to include the type of plug most commonly used by their guests — not the kind of plug most commonly used in that country. Fortunately, that’s not a problem if you carry a universal travel adapter to make all your devices work in any type of plug anywhere in the world. It’s one of the most useful travel accessories for frequent flyers, though, at under $10, it’s a smart buy for even a single trip abroad.

Note that this is a plug converter, not a voltage converter (which you may or may not need).

The review that convinced us to buy:

Great product! “I’ve only used the European plug so far, but it worked great for my purposes! I like that these are small where so many of the others are huge and cannot fit in a lot of the outlet spaces. Highly recommend this set!”

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