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2021-12-23 08:04:28 By : Ms. Betty Zhang

Moving? Traveling? Tight on storage space? Yes, yes, and yes? You need vacuum storage bags – stat. (You probably need these must-have closet storage solutions too.) Vacuum storage bags are the easiest, most affordable way to decrease the size of hefty items, like winter coats and backup bedding — and the best vacuum seal storage bags can reduce that bulk by up to 80%. 

Squish extra bedding down or squeeze another few outfits into your suitcase with these vacuum storage bags, all made from thick, durable plastic. They come in various sizes, which you can buy in sets with one uniform size or a variety pack with multiple sizes. Treat your storage bags well and you’ll be able to use them over and over, trip after trip, winter after winter. 

Many vacuum storage bags come with a hand pump if you want to tough out a bicep workout, but we recommend saving those for travel situations. Instead, look for vacuum storage bags that can be used with any standard vacuum hose attachment to compress them way quicker, way easier, and way less sweaty. 

Scroll on for eight of the highest-rated, most raved-about vacuum storage bags for clothes. You can thank us later when your linen closet isn’t closing in on you. 

If a vacuum storage bag claims to increase storage space by 80%, like SUOCO does with these, we’re in. So are over 11,000 Amazon reviewers, who rave about how much closet space they’re saving by squishing their not-in-use comforters, duvets, pillows, and blankets. They’re durable and reusable, made of thick, flexible material that won’t leak, so they can be reused season after season and move after move. They come in sizes small to jumbo, or you can purchase this combo pack of eight, which includes two of each size. If you’re in need of an arm workout, use the included hand pump, or for faster, easier results, connect the bags to a standard vacuum cleaner hose.

Over 19,000 Amazon reviews don’t lie: these Hibag Space Saver Bags, well, seriously save space. This 20-pack of sturdy polypropylene bags includes every size  you could ever possibly need, from storing a winter coat or two to storing your entire closet and all your bedding. (Say, if you’re moving). The waterproof vacuum bags include a unique double-zip design feature, so you can be confident they’re sealed tight, and the pack includes a hand pump too, although they’re also compatible with a vacuum hose. 

Take it from this Amazon review : “Oh my goodness, these things are a lifesaver!! I’m prepping to move cross-country with just a small tow-behind trailer, so space is at a premium. These bags allowed me to pack clothes, towels, bedding, and pillows in such a small amount of space it’s ridiculous. These are by far the best quality of these types of bags that I’ve owned too. Can’t recommend these highly enough!”

Comforters and blankets beware: you’re no match for these storage bags. Scroll through the 12,000+ positive Amazon reviews, which confirm that. Featured here in the jumbo size, you’ll be able to stash a bunch of out-of-season items, but there are various other sizes available from medium to multi-size combo packs. The extra thick and flexible  material promises to be ultra durable. We particularly love the cute, colorful plaid patterns, and if you opt for a combo pack, you get a different color for each size to help you decipher what is in which bag. They’re compatible with any standard vacuum cleaner hose, and also include a small hand pump that’s perfect for traveling. 

This Amazon reviewer breaks down the six reasons she likes this brand over other vacuum storage bags: “1) The colors printed on the bags make each size easy to find in or out of the box. 2) The vacuum ‘button’ on the bags has a screw-on lid and does not leak without the lid on it. 3) The hand pump screws into the vacuum button so it doesn’t pull away unknowingly. Also, I can choose to use my floor vacuum or the hand pump. 4) I can fill the bags and then ‘vacuum’ them down. Other brands have no vacuum button and you have to roll the bags to shrink. 5) The ‘slider tab’ used to help seal the bags is large enough to easily grab and seal both ‘zippers’ at the same time without problems. And finally, 6) These bags are plenty sturdy to use again and again and to fold over and over when not filled.”

Hey habitual overpacker! These Suob vacuum storage bags are for you. These thick, flexible plastic bags are particularly great for saving room while traveling – tripling the amount of Instagram-worthy outfits you can fit in a suitcase – or in your closets. The durable material can be reused season after season, trip after trip. 

This Amazon reviewer concurs that they’re great for travel. Maybe too great. “These are amazing for storing and traveling! They are extremely sturdy and have lasted several uses (fill-compress-travel-open-repeat). My only issue is that they make it so easy to pack WAY too much stuff, and my luggage was slightly overweight when checking my bag. Now that I’m back from my long trip, I’m using these to store towels, sheets, and winter clothes. Great purchase and fantastic value!”

Add these Simple Houseware vacuum storage to your cart and you’ll be set for life. This set includes 15 bags in four sizes: two jumbo, five extra large, four large, and four mediums. The plastic bags are reusable, and if for some reason the bag doesn’t hold or seal at any time, take advantage of their replacement guarantee for a free new one. They work with any vacuum cleaner and reduce the space your bulky items take up by 80%. Consider us sold!

This mom and Amazon reviewer is sold too, calling these vacuum storage bags a “sanity saver.” Take it from her: “I wasn’t expecting these to work so well! I’m a first time mom and expecting a baby next week. We had WAY too many clothes and not nearly enough storage in our smaller apartment. The seal holds well and the bags seem sturdy enough to use over and over. It may seem like such a small detail, but it’s been a lifesaver this week trying to declutter and organize our home before the baby comes!”

Goodbye, winter coats! See you next year. So long, extra bedding! We’ll pull you out….sometime. These vacuum storage bags reduce the original volume of an item by 80% and your closets will be all the better for it. Choose from various size combinations for the best fit for your bulky items: jumbo (40 x 30 inches), large (32 x 24 inches), medium (28 x 20 inches), and small (24 x 16 inches). These bags include a travel pump and work with any standard vacuum cleaner. 

On the fence? So was this Amazon reviewer: “I’ve always wanted these but I didn’t know if they were a waste of money. They were definitely worth every penny.”

Ziploc is a trusted source for all sorts of storage bags, including vacuum sealed bags. Depending on the item, Ziploc claims volume can be reduced by up to 75% with their patented one-way air valve that sucks the air out using any standard vacuum cleaner hose. This set includes two jumbo-sized bags. 

“I cannot tell you how much space I saved with these Ziploc bags,” says one Amazon reviewer. “They are extremely practical, especially if you don’t have a lot of storage space. Definitely worth it. I used these bags to store my duvet covers and comforters, and I’m really satisfied with my purchase.”

Compress all your bulky textiles, clothes, linens, pillows – you name it – down to 80% of their original size with these heavy-duty Amazon Basics vacuum storage bags. This set includes a hand pump, and can also connect to any standard vacuum cleaner hose. Don’t need 12 bags? Size down to the six pack. Reviewers comment that they’re just as effective as name brands, and can be used over and over. 

This reviewer is a fan. “I absolutely love these things, but especially Amazon’s brand. These things are super easy to use and will last for years if used correctly.”

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